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Defining Myself / Plans

So, uh. You might have realised that I’ve removed all my previous posts, excluding a single one detailing some volunteer work I have done recently. Well, the reason behind this is rather simple: I’m trying to reinvent the blog. To make it focus on me and my gap year instead of reviews this time. Now that I’ve become a review writer for Fantasy Faction (my first post is going live tomorrow, yay!), I don’t feel the need to spam another blog with the same stuff. Yet, I do want to keep track of what I’m doing during the year; whether things are going according to plan or not; how I measure up to my younger self; stuff like these.

I turned 20 yesterday, and figured that I could consider this a new, clean slate. Honestly, when I was 9 I thought I would be some sort of stunning, charming person with a shiny aura at the age of 20. Well, instead of sparkles and unicorns, my aura seems to scream moody and jaded, but I like to think I have the ability to cover that up with snark and sarcasm, if I put some effort into it. I am obviously very charming, but my charm is not for everyone, so I often reach for that fake-smile-and-pretend-to-be-nice mask. It’s one helpful ability/item/something, I’m telling you. And under that, I have my I’m-going-to-kill-you-in-your-sleep face, occasionally. Not always! More often I wish, ‘may all your bacon burn’. Literary references cheer up my inner hater, after all.

My birthday went great, we celebrated in a lovely restaurant with my family, I got some nice job news, and I’ve also managed to fix a lame misunderstanding with a close friend, who I’m meeting and catching up with on Monday. And then let’s not forget the badly photoshopped pictures and touching lyrics translations some online friends made me, because those were priceless, too.

Anyway, my plans for the upcoming year are to…

  • …work, earn at least a part of my tuition, so I won’t have to rely fully on scholarships,
  • …buy, read and learn from all the publishing-related books out there,
  • …possibly complete some online courses,
  • …pick up Japanese again (I’ve done this two times already, but school always dragged me back into the world of German language),
  • …travel a bit,
  • …build my online portfolio,
  • …become less awkward, more awesome,
  • …use this blog to document my process on all of these.

So much, I think. We’ll see how I’ll manage, and which ones I can really accomplish. (Hopefully all?)


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